Our services, Ceramic PCB design, prototyping & production

Helping you to validate, test and realize ceramic pcb projects.

Making it, Easy! CERcuits wants to make it easier for you to realize your project using ceramic materials. Whether this is your first project using this group of materials and your need support validating your initial design or you are well experienced into ceramics and you need a reliable supplier that thinks with you on optimizing your supply chain. CERcuits is your partner in ceramic PCB design, prototyping and production.

Below you can find out what we are able to offer concerning ceramic PCB design, prototyping and production of ceramic pcb. Note that we are one of the few suppliers that also gladly supports research & lower volume projects and we are trying to make your life easier and faster with our recently launched ceramic-pcb.com.

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    Design & Material selection

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    Prototyping & Validation

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    Small to medium volume production

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    High volume mass production

1. Design & Material selection

There are many different ceramic materials that each have their own properties and there are many different production processes that each have their own strengths and limitations. Matching these with your project in order to come to the best solution is our main added value during your design cycle and will save you time and budget when you move on towards prototype and validation.

  • Advice on best-fit substrate material based on your specification
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) check on your design
  • In cooperation with our design partners, we can also help you with
    • Electrical engineering (Automotive, LED, RF, …): schematics & PCB design
    • Mechanical engineering: 3D & 2D drawings
    • Thermal & thermo-mechanical engineering: CFD & FEA simulations
  • New materials and metalization research

2. Prototyping & Validation

  • In-house ceramic PCB prototyping lab in Belgium ensuring quick turn development design cycles
  • Validate your design without investing and waiting for tooling with our unique no Tool technology
  • Various testing can be provided in cooperation with local test labs. (environment, thermal shock, mechanical, …)
  • Prototype assembly possible
  • Order prototypes online via our online portal at ceramic-pcb.com

3. Small to medium volume production

  • Easily order small volume orders online via our online portal at ceramic-pcb.com
  • Wide range of metalization and finish options thanks to our extensive network of trusted supply partners
  • Non-standardized builds also possible.

4. High volume production

  • Leverage our network of high volume production partners to ensure
    • Cost efficiency
    • Quality
    • Delivery reliability
  • We manage your ceramic supply chain
  • Reduce pricing and lead times by using our EU storage option or consignement
  • Additional final full or batch QA checks in our lab possible
  • finished and semi-finished modules can be supplied in cooperation with our assembly partners.
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