Transparent PCB

Transparent circuit boards in ceramic with a high thermal conductivity

Increase design possibilities with our transparent PCB in ceramic! Not only will it open up a wide range of optical design features and thanks to the favorable material properties of ceramic, these 75-85% transparent printed circuit boards are also highly thermally conductive (26-28 W/mK) and are a strong electrical insulator.

Circuits with single and double-sided layouts are possible using silver metallization (not transparent) as well as adding a glass-based solder mask and a legend/silkscreen layer. We recommend to layout the minimize the solder mask and only design on or around the tracks & pads with instead of covering the full substrate. Even though the solder maks are glass-based, it will decrease the transmissivity by >70%. For best practices, please contact us.

Thanks to these characteristics, the solution is perfect for applications using power LED, laser modules, optical sensors, and circuits where added premium design effects are needed.

Alternatively, we can also supply other sapphire, fused quartz, or borosilicate based PCBs with even higher transparency and copper metalization. Please contact us to discuss.

Advantages transparent ceramic PCB:
  • Transparency up to 80-90%
  • High operating temperature up to 350ºC
  • Low expansion coefficient
  • Strong thermal properties: 26-28 W/mK
  • Limited to no outgassing
  • Hermetic packages possible, 0% water absorption

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